Innovative Scoping & Pricing Software for Lawyers.

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DealScoper allows firms to provide a clear picture of the work to be performed, demonstrating a commercial approach, supporting better pricing and improving your prospects of winning work.


Simple to use software to create accurate scopes


Quick, simple and consistent pricing and analysis


Win more work by demonstrating real value


Take control of your sales pipeline


Scope collaboratively with greater ease & accuracy

DealScoper uses intuitive scoping templates to help users ensure they have considered all the relevant tasks and issues. Users can share ideas on a scope as it develops. Pricing developed with DealScoper is easier, faster and more accurate. The software encourages collaboration to co-create scopes drawing on information and experience across your firm.


Reduce pricing risk & increase client satisfaction

All law firms write off millions of pounds of value each year due to poor scoping. Typically, pricing is based on estimates using prior examples and “gut feel”. With DealScoper your scope is produced by the scoping software systematically identifying each relevant component of the job and where the value is. This generates an accurate scope based on precisely what will be done, reducing write-offs.


Build client confidence with clarity on scope, risks & assumptions

DealScoper’s software builds a picture of the matter which identifies what will be done, how it will deliver value to the client, and sets out the risks and assumptions. DealScoper gives the firm a distinctive proposition for the client, enhancing clarity and trust.


Provides insight into trends in pricing

DealScoper provides a picture of proposals won and lost and better insight into pricing trends. Knowing the market rate for deals increases the chances of winning them. Conclusions can be shared rapidly, improving consistency and agility.


Everyone in a firm can understand scoping & pricing

DealScoper’s user-friendly software enables everyone in the firm to participate in scoping either for training purposes or as part of a real pricing exercise. DealScoper develops user understanding of the key issues and components of typical matters using pre-populated or user generated templates with helpful information pop-ups.


What does it cost?

We use an enterprise subscription model that gives you control over costs. The price includes a starter pack of scope templates which can be used immediately and you can then add to them at a future date.

How long does it take?

Set up is quick, simple and does not require a protracted period of firm IT involvement. It is a cloud based application so is accessible anywhere on any device.

Is it easy to use?

DealScoper has been designed by lawyers for lawyers so that they can easily use it.